Meet Pourville Artist:

June Stein

Unique Metal Artwork

and redo it a few times before I am satisfied with the outcome.  When I am picking up the items I start to "see" what I want to create.  Other times I get home and as I am working on finding the perfect parts and pieces for one project I start to see another.

        I use mostly steel but occasionally aluminum and stainless steel as well.  I go to auto repair shops, bicycle shops, farms, garages, friends, and family.  Pretty much anywhere I can find metal.  From nuts and bolts, car, bicycle, and even tractor parts, I find a way to incorporate most any metal into a piece of art. 

         Often, I have several laid out at the same time.  My family says it is ADD (lol).  After I am satisfied with what I have put together, the metal is prepped so it can be welded.  Once it is welded I check it over and put some final touches on it.  From there, the decision to paint or not to paint a piece is the final step.  

        Metal sculpture allows me to express my artistic nature in so many ways.  I love the endless possibilities!

        I have always had a passion for art.  Most of my life that was drawing.  Then about two years ago I saw a metal sculpture made of scrap iron.  I loved the idea of recycling and repurposing metal.  Shortly after, I took a welding class and started searching for metal treasures.  I love taking metal scraps and creating art out of it.  

        The pieces of metal I find sometimes already have a shape to them and I see what it can become.  For example, a spring . . . I see a caterpillar, legs, a dog body, it can become anything, if I have the right pieces and parts to make it happen.  When I look at the metal I just start to see what it can become.  Sometimes I rethink